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Chris Penny – Liftoff


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Chris Pennie Modern Drummer 2010


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Chris Rider (Hairculese) Bending A Penny By Hand


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In the fall of 2009 my friend John McGrath came to the States from Ireland for a visit. He had brought a gift with him and presented it to me on the train as we rode to Pennsylvania from New York where his flight landed. It was a small bag of old English & Irish pennies. Without hesitation I opened up the bag and retrieved one of the antique coins, folded my bending suede over it and laid into it with all I had...and I bowed it right there seated across from my friend who was diligently watching! Over the years I have played around with the coin bending every so often, but it was only a casual interest mostly from watching Stanly "Stanless Steel" Pleskun's coin bending demonstrations. Early this year I had received the news that a close friend and mentor had passed on, Mike "Mighty Atom Jr." Greenstein, at the age of 95. Once Mike had passed I had an intense resonation with the coin bending feat and pursued it with invigorated desire and complete belief in my ability to do it! This video was recorded on


Renee Olstead,Gladys Knight,Chris Botti ''Pennies From Heaven * Lover Man''


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Chris Pennie


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Modern Drummer Festival 2010. Return To Earth " The Back of My Hand"


Chris Pennie- Come to Daddy


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Chris Pennie - Come to Daddy (Aphex Twin cover)


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Chris Pennie - Back Of My Hand


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Modern Drummer '10 (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Coheed and Cambria, Idiot Pilot, Return to Earth, The Armed)


Chris Pennie- Modern Drummer Festival 2010


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Chris [email protected] Drummer 2010


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Дикая тема в духе Chris Pennie! VahaBeat©


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Считать можно как РАЗ-два-три-РАЗ-два-три-РАЗ-два. Где РАЗ - акцент.


Chris Pennie - Sunshine the Werewolf


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