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corporal punishement смотреть онлайн

Chinese ancient corporal punishment show 3


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In Chinese history, Beating with the Heavy or Light Bamboo were used as a major judicial punishment and private punishment. In the past two thousand years of Chinese history, such penalties were aimed at men and women, and male prisoners were need for nake their buttocks, the difference is that women in ordinary cases can keep clothes, but if female prisoners were punished for sexual crimes, such as adultery, etc., female prisoners were need the same naked ass tortured.


Black Adder - 402 - Corporal Punishment


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Чёрная гадюка 4 сезон. 2 серия "Капрал Наказание" (Corporal Punishment) (дословно: «Телесное наказание»)


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Названия серий на английском, за исключением последней, — каламбуры на тему воинских званий.